• Research and Strategy

    Research and analysis of the media landscape and circumstances are essential for every move.
    Analytics, methodical thinking, broad knowledge of the workings of the media, the law and public institutions,
    as well as fast understanding of the media situation are vital for drafting the right strategy and action plan.
    We believe in simplicity and clarity: a lucid, coherent media strategy from which actions and media initiatives evolve.

  • Reputation Management

    Nothing is more valuable to an organization than its reputation, yet many fail to understand the inherent, and even existential, connection between their brands and their reputation. Without tightly linking these two key elements, companies essentially block themselves from achieving their potential.

    Scherf Communications leverages its years of insight to bring together brand and reputation. This allows its clients to hurdlemany obstacles to success

  • Media consulting and public relations

    The media arena is more complex and dynamic than ever.

    The competition between the media, which is heightened by information availability and multiplicity of sources, requires professional consultants to navigate the media landscape adroitly and employ public relations that advance the goals of any entity, public or business oriented.

  • Digital marketing and social networks

    The Internet in general and social networks in particular, have become an integral part of our lives at home or work, especially when it comes to searching for information, exchanging opinions and social connections.

    The growing impact of media coverage and user-generated content on the public discourse on traditional media, and the declining efficacy of direct advertising increase the importance of smart, creative action in the various new media channels.

    Scherf Communications brings the success and expertise it has accumulated over the years to the digital universe, offering a range of services: designing digital communication strategies, setting up social media operations, online communities and forums, activity monitoring and initiating unusual communication campaigns on the "new media" channels.

  • Crises and risk

    While companies and organizations may spend years cultivating their reputations, a single media crisis has the power to determine their fate, and that of their leaders.

    Scherf Communications has the knowledge, experience and skills to manage image and media crises. It also has the acumen to run complex initiatives designed to change public perceptions and opinions.

    Scherf Communications is also versed in implementing advanced practices to manage media crises in the business and public sectors.

  • Financial communication and stakeholders engagement

    A company's relations with its investors and key stakeholders play an important role in building the identity and the value of corporations.

    We believe that an ongoing, transparent and credible dialog with the financial community,  and proper engagement with key stakeholder, are crucial for attaining a company's strategic goals and maximizing its value.

  • Public affairs

    Each day, elected and regulatory officials make decisions that could jeopardize a company's or industry's competitiveness or complicate a non-profit organization’s mission. Our public affairs professionals serve as trusted advisors to our clients, helping them build reputations and influence in power centers, as well as navigate intensive, short-term policy battles.

  • Consumer and Brand Marketing

    Scherf's consumer and brand marketing practice understand that today's world is consumer-centric and that relevant brands exist to provide their consumers with memorable experiences and a sense of community. Ultimately, brands are extensions of consumer aspirations and desires. That's why, whether our client's business goal is to increase mind-share among consumers or drive trial and repeat of products, our team creates unique, fully integrated programs— programs that capitalize on brand equity as well as leverage strategic partnerships and the interactive nature of today's consumer to broaden reach and stimulate demand.